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Covering Manchester, Cheshire and beyond, Back to the Future Interiors is a Design Studio founded by

Interior Designer Millie Humphries.

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Our residential clients are often (but not exclusively):

- Renovating a period property

- Extending a current property

- Looking for a bespoke concept

-Exploring space saving solutions


Our commercial clients are all looking for an incredible customer experience, a thorough understanding of day to day operations and a unique design aesthetic.

We firmly believe in the positive impact a biophilic element will bring to your space, no matter how small.

We try where possible to use reclaimed materials, and we are conscious of cutting down on waste. 

We're straight talking, transparent and obsessive about the little details that make the biggest impact.

Whether you're looking to put personality into your pad, or your premises, Back to the Future Interiors will give you an interior space to shout about.


What's your interior design process?

Interior Design is all about you, the client so the process will be tailored to you and your requirements! We’ll always start with a phone consultation where we can get to grips with the initial scope of your interior project. I'll be able to explain a bit more about the next steps and we can book in a site visit! The process tends to go in this order (but you may find yours is different!).
Space Planning
Detailed Design
Sourcing & Specification
Procurement (purchasing) and Project Management

There’s loads more info on my website, check out the Services page to read in more detail!

Which interior design styles can you cater for?

The common theme here is YOU! You are the client and it’s your space! As Interior Designers, it's our job to interpret your needs, likes and dislikes, and to translate that into a beautiful, functional interior space with a wow factor. If it's your home, you are the focus.

If its your pub, restaurant or coffee shop, your customer is the focus! We create a look and feel to fit your brief. That being said, clients tend to pick Back to the Future for interiors with character.


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