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We work with your brief to create a vision for your space.

0001 General Concept.png

Concept Board

A document used to present an overall concept and will define the kind of aesthetic we'll be creating. It's a great way for us to make sure we're on the same page before we move to the more detailed design.


We'll outline all elements of design; from space and light, to texture, colour, furniture and the kind of decorative accessories you could use for your scheme.


This is your design blueprint and will be referred back to throughout the project.


A  collection of inspirational images to accompany your Concept Board.


These images will show a variety of textures, colours, furniture, decorative accessories etc. that will help to inform the detailed design stage.


This is not specific, it's more of a general 'look and feel'.

0002 Moodboard General  NEW FOR WEB.png
Render Bedroom 1 New.png
Render Office1 New.png


A detailed drawing of your space, usually drawn to scale.


This document will give you a full representation of the vision for your new space.

This stage is super exciting as you'll be able to get a real feel for how all the design elements will work together.



3D Modelling

We can use software to build your space in 3D.


This means we can save time, play with layouts and help you visualise.


It's a fantastic way for you to really get to grips with your space.

0004 Bookcase Design V2.png

Bespoke Furniture Design

We can design bespoke furniture and give you that perfect piece for your space.

We'll provide all the design dimensions so you can use your own tradespeople or use our project management service to make your design a reality.


Whether it's a bookcase, ottoman or something else entirely, its always custom and totally unique


0007 Bookcase Render.png
0006 Family Room Render.png
0008 Ottoman Render.png
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