What does it all mean?

Yes it's all very well mentioning 'Concept Boards, 'Moodboards' and 'Renderings' - but what on earth are they? and what's the difference?


Read on to find out......

General DESIGN Concept Board .

If your brief is for more than one room, this document will be used to present an overall concept and will define the kind of aesthetic we'll be creating. It's a great way for us to make sure we're on the same page before we move to the more detailed design. The general 'Design Concept' will outline all elements of design; from space and light, to texture, colour, furniture and the kind of decorative accessories you could use for your scheme. This is your design blueprint and will be referred back to throughout the project.

0001 General Concept.png

Room Specific Concept Board .

This will be used in the same way as the above, however it's applicable for projects with one room only.

Web General Concept Modern new.png

General Concept Moodboard .

This is a collection of images to accompany your general 'Design Concept' board. These images will show a variety of textures, colours, furniture, decorative accessories etc. that will help to inform the detailed design stage. This is not specific, it's more of a general 'look and feel'.

0002 Moodboard General  NEW FOR WEB.png

Room Moodboard .

This is a visual representation of the actual colours, textures types of furniture etc. we will use in a specific room. This will help you to visualise the final look and feel of your room.

Moodboard Bedroom NEW.png

Space Planning .

A space planning document will be drawn up to scale with the actual measurements from your room. It's incredibly valuable if you are working with a new house, reconfiguring an old house, or your space just isn't functioning as it should. It's a great way of trying out furniture placement without having to lug pieces of furniture around- you may even be presented with a practical solution that had never occurred to you!

This format will also be used for lighting and electrical plans.

0010 Living Room NEW website.png

Sample Board .

This is a collection of physical samples that you can see and touch. Displaying them together will give you more of a realistic representation of the final impact of your space. This is usually relevant if you are looking to change paint colours, (re-)upholster furniture, add curtains or blinds, or install new flooring.

Sample Board Example.png
Sample Board Explanation.png

Room Renderings: Bathroom .

Renderings are technical drawings of how your space could be. These will be drawn to scale with actual measurements taken from your room. They are effectively an 'artists impression' of your finished space and are the most powerful and visaul way of illustrating your finished project. Renderings are the final part of the design stage.

Render Bathroom 1 New.png

Room Renderings: Kid's Bedroom .

Render Bedroom 1 New.png

Room Renderings: Office .

Render Office1 New.png

Bespoke storage Design: Bookcase .

Bespoke design is something that can really make your space look amazing and when it comes to storage, it's totally personal! Whether you have to house a library of books or you're looking to display a collection of objects, I can tailor each and every element to your requirements. Exciting stuff!

0055 The Gallery Bookcase Spec Website.p