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10 Ways to get Creative with Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is the easiest way to brighten up any room. The trend has re-emerged over the past few years as designers have put a new spin on this mid-century technique.

What is colour blocking? It’s simply pairing 2 or more colours together and placing them next to each other in a variety of shapes and angles to fill a space. With endless implementations it could be quirky, modern or contemporary but the result is an individual, bespoke design that will fill your home with life and energy.

So if you have ever wondered how to bring colour into your home but don’t know how, then this could be the trend for you. We’ve prepared 10 inspiring ideas to get you

1. Bespoke Wall Art

Using colour blocking in this way is like creating your own mural or contemporary piece of art. Instead of choosing from someone else’s designs you can create a feature wall that is completely unique and in your own style.

2. Highlighting Key Architectural Features

In a lot of homes and buildings there are special features that we don’t just want to blend into the background or get upstaged by the rest of the decor. Using a bright or contrasting colour here makes the key features pop as well as giving it a quirky edge.

3. Upcycling Reclaimed Furniture

Using reclaimed items such as this chest of draws can provide you with endless inspiration. Upcycling with a colour blocking technique is a cheap and easy way to add colour and excitement to a room.

4. Creating a Feature

Creating shapes behind shelves, plants, mirrors or even pieces of art gives them a frame and instantly makes the space more dynamic and eye-catching. Choosing colours that compliment what you are displaying pulls together the whole feature.

5. An Illusion of Height

To create the illusion of height within a room you need to paint the ceiling in white or a lighter shade than that which you are putting on the walls, this allows the ceiling to disappear from focus. Another tip is to stop the wall colour a few inches below where the wall meets the ceiling as shown in the image. In contrast to this, if you were to paint the ceiling in a darker shade than the walls it would create the illusion of a lower ceiling which gives a cozier feel to the space.

6. Brighten up a Building

I think this one speaks for itself. If you're brave enough to try it it definitely makes a statement!

7. Two Tone Walls

This simple technique adds drama and energy to a room while not taking away from the other design features.

8. Utilise Every Surface

The great thing about paint is that it can be applied to almost any surface. Adding details like this to a ceiling rose could be done with any half tin of paint you have lying around and is so effective!

9. Colour Zoning

Zoning is one of the best ways to make the most of a space. By visually dividing it it allows each area to have a function while keeping the room spacious and airy.

10. Painting the Stairs Pink!

Staircases come in many styles and shapes but there aren’t many painted entirely pink. If you have a wooden staircase applying a few layers of paint could really make them a feature within your home.

The great thing about using paint is the vast variety of colours that you can choose from and it's also relatively cheap. You could choose from more modest pastels or 2 different hues from the same colour family or you could go bold with bright contrasting colours. So get the creative juices flowing and give this technique a go!

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