It's all about the layout

Residential Layouts

Space Planning is an incredibly important element of the design process and one we take great pleasure in!


A room can look beautiful but if it doesn't function and feel fantastic, what's the point!?


We can draw your floor plan to scale and come up with layout suggestions for you to get the absolute best out of your home.

An absolute must for any interior scheme.

Commercial Layouts

If you want to give your customers and your staff the best possible experience, Space Planning is essential!

We have over 15 years experience in operational hospitality so we know the struggles of a badly planned space.

We take our time to work with you and your vision for your business so we can get the best out of your site for a smooth operation.


Electrical Planning

If you're renovating and rewiring your space, a sleek and well thought out electrical plan is crucial

This document will specify your lighting, sockets, switches and more, and can be given to your electrician so nothing gets missed.

We'll help you decide where you want those USB charging points or pendant lights and whether black is the new chrome.



Other Planning

Our Project Management service means we will liaise directly with contractors to get the job done to our agreed specification.

Our proof is as much in the planning as the finished project and we will provide specifications & layouts for anything required.


Plumbing, plastering or artwork, it's all about those details.

0004 Yas Bean Plumbing Plan Lower.png